Why Support Us?

Most schools run as not-for-profit organisations not generating any meaningful financial surplus. The key objective of these schools is to maximise affordability and therefore, accessibility. The world’s great schools remain sustainable by relying on fundraising through philanthropic and commercial endeavours.

Hilton College is no exception.

As a longstanding community, established in 1872, we firmly believe that Hilton College belongs to us. That it is a gift, in trust, that we must keep safe and in the words of one of our great benefactors, ‘Wac’ Campbell: ” We can do that by giving; by building up an endowment fund that will make it completely safe and independent for posterity”.

Building Hilton Together

Having a significant amount of capital in the Hilton College Endowment Foundation allows us to:

  • Extend financial assistance to deserving boys;
  • Fund major capital expenditure programmes;
  • Remain financially secure and independent; and
  • Support the broader Hilton community.

A substantial endowment fund will ensure that Hilton can thrive as a contemporary institution in South African society – and leave a legacy for future generations.

History of Philanthropy at Hilton

The boys of Hilton College continue to enjoy the remarkable assets of their school, most of which are testimony to the generosity of benefactors.

Hilton has a rich history of generous benefaction by far-sighted stakeholders and the Hilton of today reflects the charitable contributions of those who went before.  It is our responsibility to create a culture which embraces the priorities of those who follow.

“It is a gift that we must keep safe.”

The first significant benefactors were those involved in forming Hilton College Ltd in 1903. Faced with the retirement of long-serving owner and Headmaster, Henry Vaughan Ellis, 140 Old Hiltonians banded together to buy the school. Subsequently, in 1928, these shareholders magnanimously donated their shares in the company to The Hiltonian Society. This non-profit company owns the school and has guided the affairs of Hilton College ever since.

Many families, drawn from the community of Old Hiltonians, Hilton Parents and Friends of Hilton, have shown considerable tangible support for Hilton College. A most significant benefactor remains W.A. Campbell. His benefaction made possible the building of the chief administrative block and McKenzie House. He also purchased and gave Lund’s Farm to Hilton, a pristine wilderness area of 1200 acres between the college campus and Beacons.

The launch of the Hilton College Endowment Foundation in 1958, under the patronage of “Wac” Campbell, was the first serious, and successful attempt to elicit contributions from a cross-section of Hiltonians.